2nd Grade

Title Section Author
How the Cat Swallowed Thunder JP Alexander
The Fire Cat JE Averill
Granite Baby JP Bertrand
Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective JP Biedrzycki
Pish & Posh JE Bottner
The Three Snow Bears JP Winter Brett
On the Go with Pirate Pete & Pirate Joe JE Cannon
The "Minnie & Moo" Series JE Cazet
The Octopus JE Cazet
For You are a Kenyan Child JP Cunnane
Space Cat JE Cushman
Welcome to Zanzibar Road JP Daly
Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown JE Danziger
Eight Animals on the Town JP Counting Elya
Hot Day on Abbot Avenue JP Summer English
The Princess Knight JP Funke
Ginger Bear JP Grey
It's My School JP Grindley
The "Iris & Walter" Series JE Guest
The Invisible Moose JP Haseley
Skinny Brown Dog JP Holt
The "Pinky & Rex" Series JE Howe
Ella's Big Chance JP Hughes
Pancakes for Supper JP Isaacs
Mystery of Eatum Hall JP Kelly
The "Lionel" Series JE Krensky
Big Bad Wolves at School JP Krensky
In the Small, Small Night JP Kurtz
The Upstairs Cat JP Kuskin
Perrywinkle's Magic Match JE Madsen
The Knight Who Took All day JP Mayhew
The "Gus & Grandpa" Series JE Mills
Piggie Pie JP Palatini
Mr. Lincoln's Way JP Plus Polacco
Mice & Beans JP Ryan
Annie & Snowball JE Rylant
The "Mr. Putter & Tabby" Series JE Rylant
Things I Learned in Second Grade JP Schwartz
The "Nate the Great" Series JE Sharmat
Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa JE Silverman
Dear Mrs. LaRue JP Teague
Good Night, Good Knight JE Thomas
The "Oliver & Amanda" Series JE Van Leeuwen
Scaredy Squirrel JP Watt
Today I will Fly JP Willems
My Teacher for President JP Winters
The "Commander Toad" Series JE Yolen