Adopt A Pet - Cats

Come and visit our Township owned Animal Shelter. Meet our caring, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.
They are available to help assist on finding the best suitable pet for you or your family. 
Charcoal (white) and Snow (black) were surrendered together with very little information. They are big girls that could definitely benefit from a diet and some exercise, not that either wants to be told that. They are super sweet and complete lap cats. Estimated to be 5-7 years old, these girls would love to find forever homes - together or apart.

Carbon and Resin. Brothers that came in covered in tar. Many baths later they are tar free and happy as can be. Super sweet pair that love to play and cuddle.

Carbon and Resin

Parker came in with his sister Peyton (the one on the right). He can sometimes be a little shy at first, however it doesn't take him long to warm up and head butt your hand - especially once he watches his sister be so brave.  


Brother and sister Pencil & Stencil are approximately 10 weeks old. They are sweet and playful and looking for forever homes!

Pencil and Stencil

Lucy came in with her siblings Fred and Ethel. She is the most outgoing of the group and so excited to find a loving forever family. She's approximately 5 months old and way more beautiful in person - her pattern really pops!


Fred came in with his siblings Lucy and Ethel. He pretends to be shy at first meeting. As soon as he sees Lucy getting the attention, he wants his share. He would love a forever home that has another kitty to help him adjust. He's approximately 5 months old and such a rich color of orange!


Ethel came in with her siblings Lucy and Fred. She is the shy baby in the family and tends to hide behind her braver siblings. She would love a forever home that included one of her siblings or another kitty. She's such a beautiful girl that is really sweet once you take the time to let her get to know you.


Alley is a sweet and petite 6 month old semi long hair girl. She was the only girl in her litter and the tiniest also! She loves to head butt your hand with all the affectionate force her tiny body can give. 

Church is an adult gentleman. He noticed a lonely woman outside Holy Spirit Church and decided to spend some time with her to brighten her day. While she couldn't give him his forever home, he would love nothing more than to brighten every day of his forever home!