Halloween Window Painting Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the participants this year!

Click here to see all the window paintings throughout town!

Union High School - 3 way tie for 1st place

Desi Garcia

Desi Garcia

Gabriella Valente

Gabriella Valente

Kayleen Panlilio

Kayleen Panlilio

8th Grade

Geanese Vindel - 1st Place

Geanese Vindel

Akexabdra Wuethrich - 2nd Place

Alexandra Wuethrich

Rita Conforti - 3rd Place

Rita Maria

Emma Freire - Hon. Mention

Emma Freire

7th Grade

Kaitlyn Pello - 1st Place

Kaitlyn Pello

Nicholas Panlilio - 2nd Place

NIcholas Panlilio

Andrew Guarino - 3rd Place

Andrew Guarino

6th Grade

Kate Kepuladze - 1st Place

Kate Kepuladze

Angelina Holandez - 2nd Place

Angelina Holandez

Nina Borg - 3rd Place

Nina borg

Rebecca Koenemund - Hon. Mention

Rebecca Koenemund

Emily Tarabillo - Hon. Mention

Emily Tarabillo

5th Grade

Sloan Pello - 1st Place

Sloan Pello

Alayna Agnis - 2nd Place

Alayna Agnis

Leila Feliciano - 3rd Place

Leila Feliciano

Anthony Guarino - Hon. Mention

Anthony Guarino