Report Animal Cruelty

What is animal cruelty?

Illegal animal cruelty can include intentional abuse, such as beating or mutilating an animal, but it can also include neglect, such as failing to provide proper shelter, food or medical care. In New Jersey, the relevant laws can be found under Title 4 of our statutes. 

It is unlawful to:

  • DIrectly or indirectly abuse, torment, overwork, torture, main, poison, or cause serious bodily injury or the death of a living animal, including through the use of another living animal. 
  • Fail as the person charged with the care of an animal to provide the living animal with necessary care, including grooming, food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and a safe environment.
  • Use or procure the use of an animal in any kind or sexual manner. 
  • Own, possess, keep, train, promote, purchase, or sell an animal for fighting or baiting purposes, or to arrange, witness, gamble on, or assist with animal fighting or baiting. 
  • Abandon a domesticated animal or a sick or disabled animal to die in a public place.
  • Sell an animal with a contagious or infectious disease.


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