Hon. Anthony Terrezza, DPW Commissioner
Member of the Township Committee

Sergio P Panunzio, CPWM,CPM Superintendent
Peggy Gehrig , CPWM. Executive Assistant
Michael Romano , CPWM General Foreman

DPW Contact Info:   Tel. 908-686-1922     Fax 908-687-7624    E-Mail  DPW@Uniontownship.com

2014 Recycling Calendar

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The Department of Public Works provides a variety of services for its citizens. Street sweeping, refuse
collections, snow plowing, road maintenance, sewer
and drainage repairs highlight most of our daily activities. We also maintain over 650 streets, manage the township’s recycling program, maintain public facilities, maintain all public parks, manage and maintain public trees, enforce regulation and laws that effect the right of way and township ordinances.


Mission: The Township of Union Department of Public Works is dedicated to providing the physical
services and improvements that make this municipality a safer, cleaner, and more attractive place to live.
These responsibilities fall to the eight divisions, which work both alone - and in mutual cooperation
- to achieve the highest possible standards of success.

   Administration – responds to public concern, supports operational divisions , maintains administrative records
   concerning the functions of the department and maintains fiscal control of all accounts associated with the
   department’s budget and mission requirements.

   Operations – Insures the coordination and operational maintenance needs are effectively delivered on a daily basis.

   Road Division: Provides daily delivery of services in support of maintaining the ROW through a variety of programs,
   such as street sweeping, pavement repairs, snow removal and general cleanliness of the roads and sidewalks within
   the township.

   Grounds: Maintains and manages all parks and public property, including passive and non-passive (sports) land.

   Buildings & Recreation: Provides for the efficient daily operation of township-owned facilities, including maintenance
   of sports fields and auxiliary buildings.

   Shade Tree: Manages all public trees and trees on ROW throughout the township.

   Sewer: Manages over 8,000 miles of sewer and storm water pipes. Manages and operates five (5) pump stations.

   Sanitation Division: Provides and manages the efficient collection of household waste, including the collection of mixed
   solid waste, recyclables, and seasonal wastes, thereby promoting clean and healthy neighborhoods, provides for the
   education and promotion of a recycling program within the township and establishes disposal or recycling outlets for
   a variety of waste streams, thus minimizing unnecessary MSW volumes.

   Transportation: Provides for the efficient maintenance of all rolling stock and motorized equipment assigned to the
   department. Life cycle evaluations, replacement equipment, efficient fueling, yard safety, and environmental handling
   of all equipment and related support equipment, are examples of required responsibilities.

   Support and Code Enforcement: Ensures that the uses of the ROW follow Township Ordinances as it pertains to
   sidewalks, refuse collection, snow removal, signage, civil uses and safety.

Our request system
Our management system is reliant on resident’s information. Once you call the department a staff member will
take your information and generate a work order ticket. The supervisor of the corresponding division assigned
 has 24 hours to input data in the computer about his or her investigation of the resident request. All calls are
logged in and a work order ticket is generated. The field inspection is to be conducted within 24 hours of generation
of the work-order ticket. This does not mean that all requests are resolved within 24 hours. The supervisor may
deem the work requested as a non- emergency and may scheduled the work on a later date.

DPW Resources and Divisions / Links for Information:

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Road Division:
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Grounds Division:
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Building & Recreation Division:
About and Information on Graffiti
Shade Tree Division:
Tree Removal Policy, Trees on wires, Private/Public Trees,
When a storm impact our area, Free Tree Planting

Sewer Division:
Two Systems, Backups (Sewer, Trunk Line Info), Sewage in Home Information
Bulky Waste, Recycling, Grass/Leaves/Brush, Computer Electronics, Hazardous Waste
2014 Collection Schedule (Union Township), Union County Recycling Events Schedule: Click here (2014 not available yet)
Code Enforcement Division:
Code Enforcement and Steps to a Summon, Inspection Division, Permit Information
Township Vehicles, Train Station Shuttle
DPW Programs:
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