Animal Control Program

The Township of Union Animal Control Program is one of several Divisions within the Health Department. The Animal Control Program encompasses the handling of multiple activities such as:

  • Rabies control
  • Animal complaints
  • Patrolling streets
  • Removal of dead animals from township property (note: Animal Control Officers cannot pick up dead animals on commercial or private property, the removal of the animal is the responsibility of the property owner)
  • Capture and impounding stray animals

Animal Control Officers may also provide wildlife education on topics related to wildlife nuisances and management.

Animal Control Officers, with the assistance of the Shelter Attendant promotes the adoption of animals and arranges for their spaying and neutering. For further information you may visit the Friends of the Township of Union Animal Shelter Facebook page, a volunteer created and independently managed site.

Apply to Adopt

Interested on adopting an animal at our shelter you may submit your application via email the Shelter or in person at the shelter.

Applications to Adopt Pets at Animal Shelter