Board of Health


This Board has 7 members, each serve a term of 3 years. There are 1 alternate and 1 Board Attorney who serves a term of 1 year.

Authority of the Board

The Township of Union Board of Health is an autonomous public health agency created under authority of the State of New Jersey.

The board’s authority to enforce, regulate, and enact ordinances in the interest of protecting and improving public health are authorized by various state statutes, in particular, Title 26, New Jersey Statutes Annotated, "Health and Vital Statistics."

Board Members

  • Jackie Carter, President
  • Andy Porter, Vice President
  • Stefan Erwin, Esq
  • Yvette Gibbons, Esq
  • Teresa Palencia
  • Ellyn Smith
  • Mary Lynn Williams

Alternate Members

  • Michele Antley

Board Attorney

  • William Strazza, Esq

Board Secretary

  • Marconi A. Gapas, H.O.

Board Clerk

  • Nancy Rodriguez


Please be advised that due to the current state of emergency and public health emergency declared by Governor Phil Murphy pursuant to Executive Order no. 103 and an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19, the general public is excluded from the Board of Health meetings until further notice. Agenda and minutes will be posted on the Township of Union website. Members of the public can submit questions or comments no later than 2:30pm Wednesday, Sept. 9th, 2020 to

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A message from the Desk of Marconi Gapas, Township of Union Health Official

It has come to my attention that an ill-informed post on Facebook has accused my office of not attending to calls and messages from residents regarding Ehrhart Garden, a local retirement apartment complex.

To date, no resident has contacted me, or my Principal Registered Environmental Health Specialist directly on any matter at Ehrhart Gardens. Regardless of that fact, we have been in direct contact with the management team of not only Ehrhart Gardens but all of our senior apartment complexes, assisted living, and rehabilitation facilities.

My staff and I have attended to calls and inquiries regarding local facilities and we have taken the appropriate action in every case.

We continue to monitor all the facilities that house and care for our seniors. We also have direct communication with the State Department of Health, all management teams and health care physicians. As a reminder Ehrhart is a private facitily. We are fortunate to have good working relationships with them and will continue to monitor and assess the situation at all the locations in town.

I encourage anyone that has any concerns to please call my direct office number at 908-851-8507 or email me at  It is always better to call me directly, than to post on social media and waste valuable time.

As a health official, I would also caution posting unconfirmed information from people who are not privy to sensitive medical information. In this unprecedented time where people are scared and uncertain, it is irresponsible to post such an inflammatory statement to instill fear in the most vulnerable segment of our population. I would request that the post be removed and an apology be made to the Township’s seniors.