Tom Mahoney Military Park

Tom Mahoney's Military Park is a partnership with the Veteran's Alliance Committee and the Township of Union as a war memorial befitting the bravery and valor of the our servicemen and women. This park provides a place for quiet reflection and education as well as hosting patriotic events and holiday celebrations.Tom Mahoney, of Union, is a survivor of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. Except for one ten day leave, Tom served in the Pacific for the entire war. After serving six years, Tom, an electrician's mate first class, left the navy in 1946 to return to civilian life.

The bricks purchased by families and friends to honor a special veteran in their life will be placed in the center of the park. There are three walkways leading up to the center of the park. Memorial Bricks will help fund many of the improvements to the grounds and are currently available for sale.

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