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Governor Murphy Announced New COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 194, which includes new COVID-19 mitigation measures. The measures include restrictions on seating and hours for restaurants, bars, clubs, and lounges, and prohibition of interstate indoor K-12 and youth sports. The measures being announced today include:

Restrictions on Hours for Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Lounges, and Casinos –

  1. Restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, and other businesses that serve food or drinks will not be able to operate their indoor premises between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.  Outdoor dining can continue after 10:00 p.m., as can takeout and delivery services. 
  2. Casinos will not be able to serve food or drinks between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., with the exception of room service delivered to guest rooms and takeout.  Other casino operations would be unaffected.

Restrictions on Bar Seating, Increased Flexibility for Restaurants –

  1. Seating at the physical bar in the indoor areas of bars and restaurants will be prohibited during all operating hours.
  2. Due to the impact this may have on restaurants with small seating areas, restaurants will be allowed to have groups at tables indoors that are closer than six feet together, if they are separated by barriers that comply with guidance from the Department of Health. 
  3. Restaurants will be allowed to set up plastic domes outdoors, limited to one group each, as additional outdoor dining space.

Despite its small-town character, the Center and our Township has a wide choice of dining venues. You can choose from upscale fine dining or take out with many palate-satisfying options in between. In these unprecedented times, we want to make choosing your next meal easier and from one of our local restaurants and eateries. All the merchants below are currently open for takeout and/or delivery. 

If you know of a Union restaurant that is currently open during the pandemic please let us know! Email publicinfo@uniontownship.com.

Township of Union Open Restaurants/Eateries

Eateries & Restaurants with an * offer outdoor seating!

Abuja Restaurant

1784 Burnet Ave.

P: 973.821.4212

Visit Website

*Applebee’s Grill & Bar

1721 Morris Ave.

P: 908.964.1070

Visit Website

Bagel Spot

2720 Morris Avenue

P: 908.964.7229

Visit Website

*Blue Ribbon Bakery

988 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.688.3200

Visit Website


1045C Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.258.0606

Visit Website

Brooklyn Pizza

1014 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.686.1400

Visit Website

Burnet BBQ I

1363 Burnet Ave

P: 908.687.0313

Visit Website

Burnet BBQ II

1275 Stuyvesant Ave


Visit Website

Casa Manila

1921 Morris Ave.

P: 908.687.8900

Visit Website

*Cafe 401 & Grill

401 Chestnut St.

P: 908.613.0010

Visit Website

*Cafe Z

2333 Morris Ave

P: 908.6869.4321

Visit Website


2319 Rt. 22 W


Visit Website

The Chippery

2698 US-22

P: 908.349.8511

Visit Website

*El Chingon Tex-Mex Rest.

1996-1998 Morris Ave 

P: 862.367.1275 

Visit Website

*Cioffi’s Italian Rest.

929 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.964.3300

Visit Website

Conca D’Oro Italian Pastry Shop

1039 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.964.1234

Visit Website

Constantino’s Italian Market

336 Chestnut St. 

P: 908.687.0730

Visit Website

*Cozy Corner

558 Rahway Ave.

P: 908.688.8884 

Visit Website

*Dava Latin Fusion

1020 Stuyvesant Ave.

P: 908.364.6329  

Visit Website

*DeSeo Tapas

3185 Rt. 22 West

P: 908.206.0060

Visit Website

Domino’s Pizza

1901 Morris Ave


Visit Website

*First Watch Restaurant

1235 W. Chestnut St.

P: 908.768.3447 

Visit Website

*Five Guys Burgers

2933 Vauxhall Rd. 

P: 908.688.8877 

Visit Website

Emily’s Portuguese Bakery

962 Stuyvesant Ave 

P: 908.688.5647

Visit Website

*Garden City Restaurant

985b Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.686.7392

Visit Website

*Garden Restaurant

943 Magie Avenue

P: 908.558.0101

Visit Website

Galloping Hill Hot Dogs

325 Chestnut St. 

P: 908.686.6777

Visit Website 

Get Stuffed Jersey

2705 Morris Ave

P: 908.258.7364

Visit Website

Glendales Pizzeria

1397 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.964.6266

Visit Website

Golden Krust Union

2540 Rt. 22 West

P: 908.557.5644

Visit Website

*Gusto Y Sabor Colombiano

2022 Morris Ave

P: 908.686.6380

Visit Website

Hook & Reel Seafood Rest.

965 Jefferson Ave

P: 908.258.8828

Visit Website

*Huck Finn Diner

2431 Morris Avenue 

P: 908.810.9000

Visit Website


2500 Rt. 22

P: 908.687.2022

Visit Website

Jammed Up Bakery

1019 Stuyvesant Ave.

P: 908.258.0369

Visit Website

Joe’s Drive In Pizzeria

2062 Springfield Ave

P: 908.964.3157

Visit Website

Joe’s Place

2032 Morris Avenue

P: 908.851.9615

Visit Website

Johnny Napkins

1424 Morris Ave

P: 908.688.7500

Visit Website

Joy Food House Chinese Restaurant

1298 Stuyvesant Avenue

P: 908.688.5275

Visit Website

Killer Vegan

996 Stuyvesant Ave.

P: 908.964.8600

Visit Website

*Lagar Restaurant

1252 Stuyvesant Ave. 

P: 908.687.7020

Visit Website

*La Casa Del Pan

550 North Ave

P: 908.352.4860 

Visit Website

El Lechon de Negron

1331 Maggie Ave

P: 908.577.6229

Visit Website

*Magic Fountain Union Creamery

1081 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.687.1250

Visit Website

*Mama Sher’s Caribbean Cuisine

1406 Stuyvesant Avenue 

P: 908.258.7172

Visit Website

*MaMa’s Southern Style BBQ II

2083 Springfield Ave.

P: 908.687.0400

Visit Website

Manhattan Bagel

1350 Galloping Hill Rd. 

P: 908.687.4900

Visit Website

Manny’s Pizza

1382 Morris Ave 

P: 908.687.4200

Visit Website

*Manny’s Texas Weiners

2580 Springfield Ave

P: 08.964.3585

Visit Website

*Mario’s Tutto Bene

495 Chestnut St. 

P: 908.687.3250

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*Mark Twain Diner

1601 Morris Ave

P: 908.687.1680

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Master Pizza

2704 Morris Ave

P: 908.964.4600

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Morris Thai

1975 Morris Ave 

P: 908.688.5678

Visit Website

Mr. Sub of Union

406 Chestnut St. 

P: 908.686.9727

Visit Website

*Noodle Fan

1029 Stuyvesant Ave 

P: 908.688.6767 

Visit Website

*Paddy’s Place

999 Rosemont Ave

P: 908.686.8935  

Visit Website

Padonno’s Pizzeria

517 Chestnut Street 

P: 908.686.8880 

Visit Website

*Pho Way

1040D Stuyvesant Ave

P: 201.747.0374 

Visit Website

Pipin’ Hot Restaurant 

1408 Stuyvesant Avenue

P: 908.378.5287

Visit Website

*Piri Piri BBQ

1040 Stuyvesant Ave.

P: 908.688.2760

Visit Website

Pita Shack

2319 US-22

P: 908.688.3761

Visit Website

Pizza Hut

1434 Stuyvesant Ave 

P: 908.688.2020

Visit Website

*Porto Falafel

2933 Vauxhall Rd. 


Visit Website

Proud Papa’s

 470 Chestnut St.

P: 908.687.0347 

Visit Website

*Red Cadillac

2258 Morris Ave

P: 908.349.8411

Visit Website

Reggio’s Pizzeria

1571 Morris Ave.

P: 908.688.8443

Visit Website

Rei Da Picanha Rest.

1603 Rt. 22

P: 908.624.1588

Visit Website

Rivoli Pizzeria

2193 Morris Avenue

P: 908.688.5050

Visit Website

Route 22 BBQ

1607 US-22 W

P: 908.687.9009

Visit Website

*Sabor de Mi Tierra

1988 Morris Ave 

P: 908.623.3386

Visit Website 


2701 Morris Ave.

P: 908.810.1156

Visit Website

Sticky’s Finger Joint

2180 US-22

P: 908.557.9250

Visit Website

Style Sushi

1018 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.686.8870

Visit Website

*Suspender’s Rest. & Pub

1131 Magie Ave

P: 908.965.1131

Visit Website

Taste of Flava

1255 Stuyvesant Ave 

P: 908.349.8028 

Visit Website


2586 Morris Ave

P: 908.258.7450 

Visit Website

*Tiff’s Burger & Alehouse

1637 Vauxhall Rd. 

P: 908.688.6666

Visit Website

Times Farm Market

340 Chestnut St

P: 908.688.1143

Visit Website

Two Fish Five Loaves

2264 Rt. 22

P: 908.624.1444

Visit Website

Two Ques Cafe

599C Chestnut St 

P: 908.810.1427 

Visit Website

Union Beverage Home Wine & Liquors

1850 Morris Ave

P: 908.688.5603

Visit Website

Union Lotus

330 Chestnut St

P: 908.851.9190

Visit Website

*Union Plaza Diner

2466 Rte 22

P: 908.686.4403

Visit Website

*Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe

1017 Stuyvesant Ave

P: 908.810.1844

Visit Website

Don’t forget to keep practicing social distancing and make sure you wear a mask when stopping by any restaurant when picking up your next meal! Thank you for #shoppinglocal as we reset and thrive!