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Your Township in your pocket! Download the Township of Union Pocket Guide!

If you're looking for a place to eat or are hoping to buy that special gift, then the Union Pocket Guide is your resource to all things in and around the Township. This APP is a collaborative effort between the Union Township Chamber of Commerce and the Union Center Special Improvement District. Learn about each organization and the roles they play in making Union a shopping and dining destination.

The Pocket Guide APP is divided into three categories: Dine, Shop and Services. Each one includes a local map with pins for helpful business locations and directions. Also included in this APP is a listing of upcoming events, photo gallery and social media integration so that users may share their experiences. Download the Union Pocket Guide and gain access to Chamber businesses, as well as a listing of all establishments in Union Center. And – stay on top of what is happening with alerts on upcoming events, special discounts, offers and local news. Stay in the know and Shop Union – Dine at our varied restaurants – locate a business or service – get special offers and discounts – and be the first to learn of events and happenings!