Stuyvesant Ave Streetscape

From conceptualizing a new shopping and lifestyle experience, to ensuring our infrastructure is sound and capable of handling the necessities of modern planning, we have been at the table with these ideas for a number of years.

As you can see, we are currently hard at work with Phase 1 of the Stuyvesant Avenue Streetscape project which spans Vauxhall Road to Morris Avenue As you drive along a bumpy Stuyvesant Avenue, you may wonder what has taken so long for this major thoroughfare to get the work it needs.

Streetscape Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking

Well, put simply, in an effort to save your tax dollars, this committee along with our engineering department needed to ensure that our utility lines, including gas and water, were upgraded BEFORE the Streetscape began so that the road would not need to be disrupted a second time.

We are happy to inform you that sidewalks- including historic granite bands at the mid-block crossings, light poles, and new furniture will be coming in early fall, and full reconstruction and repaving of the street for this part of the project will take place in the late fall.

Phase 2 which spans Morris Ave to the Cannon is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2018.

The beautification and upgraded infrastructure are the first steps in making Union Center more marketable to new and existing businesses and the results are already taking root.

Stuyvesant Ave Renderings

We have new businesses opening like “Norma’s Flowers,” “Vision Eyewear”, “Care Pharmacy”, “Kung Fu Tea,” “Beauty Supply Store,” and coming soon you’ll see the opening of “Atlantic Beach Soap Company,” and Van Gogh’s Ear’s expansion to include their new bakery, “Jammed Up.” We also have a new medical building opening across from “Stop N Shop” later on this summer.

Late last year we broke ground on the Seabra’s Project across from Stop n Shop and O’Lagar Restaurant. This building which includes a mix of Retail and Residential spaces is expected to be completed this fall. In addition, we’re happy to announce that the Planning Board recently approved an application for American Landmark Developers to develop 300 linear feet of Stuyvesant Ave starting at Terminal Mill Ends and moving towards Unity Bank. This project will also utilize the same model and we are expecting construction to begin here late this year.

In essence, we are creating a neighborhood downtown, where people who live in Union Center will also shop, eat and spend their leisure time there. This combined with a new ambiance and an aggressive push for higher caliber retailers is certain to give the Center the energy that it needs to thrive.

We encourage you to continue to follow along with the progress by checking in on our website and on facebook. And remind you that your favorite Union Center businesses will still remain open during the construction and renovations with free parking available at our Stowe St. Parking lot.