Bully-Free Zone Cyberbullying Certification

As stated in the Township of Union's ReOrganization Meeting, Mayor Cavadas launched the 2018 Bully-Free Zone, Cyber Bullying Certification Program targeted to the pages, forums and groups on social media platforms where residents engage with each other, and where we engage with our residents.
This program asks for administrators of social media forums and groups to take a stand with us against negative, detrimental online behavior and to set a precedent for future generations.
By participating, online administrators would make a commitment to cultivating a safe space for the exchange of ideas free of personal attacks by fulfilling three simple criterias.

TheTownship will no longer be sharing information into third-party groups or pages that are not “Bully-Free Certified”.
Once certified, the Township will be proud to share information about special events and activities going on in town and work, through the public information office, to liaison with your followers to answer “tagged” questions and comments in an official capacity- something that has never been done before.
Second, the Township will be working with local businesses to run special promotions and contests in “bully-free” groups.
And lastly – you will be making the difference to create a space where safety, respect and inclusion are the number one priority.

  1. Program Criteria
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  3. Video

Make a commitment to your members that you will not tolerate Cyberbullying by

  • Creating a set of guidelines that prohibit harassment, flaming (public bullying that often directs harsh languages, or images to a specific person), taunting, exclusion, outing, masquerading, and cyber stalking
  • Pin those guidelines to the top of your forum as a post, and have all new members “agree” to the guidelines by typing “agree” as a comment below.
  • Create a method of enforcement- also to be listed as part of the aforementioned “guidelines”- where you will either: Agree to monitor the forum for guideline violations - or - Rely on community reporting
  • Enact the following consequences: Screenshot and delete any comments in violation of the guidelines and Issue:  1st time violation- warning, 2nd time violation- removed from the forum for a set period                          (recommendation- 2 weeks to 30 days), 3rd time violation- permanent removal from the forum