Annual Halloween Contests

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Annual Halloween Window Painting Contest and congratulations to everyone 

5th Grade:

  • 1st Place: Isabella Vicari
  • 2nd Place: Tessa Angrisano
  • 3rd Place: Meghan Koczon

1st Place: Isabella Vicari


Middle School (6th-8th Grade):

  • 1st Place: Alexa Masaoy
  • 2nd Place: Katrina Yapczenski
  • 3rd Place: Autumn Curry

High School (9th-12th Grade):

  • 1st Place: Geanese Vindel
  • 2nd Place: Alexandra Wuethrich
  • 3rd Place: Nikita McKinnon

1st Place: Alexa Masaoy


1st Place: Geanese Vindel


Scarecrow Contest

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners announced on Oct 31st at the Union Center SID Halloween event
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