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Economic Recovery Survey

  1. Economic Relief Survey
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health crisis that has enormous economic implications on our local businesses. The federal government has passed a $2 trillion aid package with more money to follow for sole proprietors and businesses to maintain basic operations and to reset and thrive during and following the pandemic. We are asking all business owners and commercial property owners to complete our online survey to help us better understand your needs.
  3. 1. What type of business do you own?*
  4. 2. What does Economic Recovery look like for your business?
    Please select one or more options if necessary
  5. 3. Have you applied for COVID -19 disaster Relief Funds from the state programs?
    Please select all that apply
  6. 4. Have you received a reply from SBA or NJEDA?
  7. 5. Do you need assistance with completing your application?
  8. 6. Would you be interested in a webinar to discuss your specific application?
  9. 7. Does your business qualify for low-interest loans from a financial institution?
  10. Please state full time & part-time employees
  11. Please state full time & part-time employees
  12. Please state full time & part-time employees
  13. Please state full time & part-time employees
  14. 10. Do you need a financial advisor to help you navigate state and federal programs for eligible funds?
  15. 10. Do you currently have a website?
  16. {i.e. technical, financial, promotional, marketing, volunteer}
  17. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Fatimah Raymond at 908.851.5466 or email
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